My training and experience

My training and experience allow me a great range of activities :

I started my career as a translator in 2009. I translate books, articles ; I translate and subtitle online magazines and videos.

I publish bilingual vocabularies.

I write historical novels taking place in medieval Limoges and translate them into English.

My training

After a trilingual baccalauréat and a training in Art, I started my career in Tours in the early 1980s. I then worked for two years in London for the Haute Couture designers Ian and Marcel. Back on France, I became a textile artist, developing my own creations and teaching classes. I also taught English.

During the same period, I passed the Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English (Grade A), a diploma of Business English and finally a Master of English Literature which completed my linguistic skills. These linguistic skills allowed me to hold different positions, either personal assistant or English teacher for adults and in professional schools.

My experience

These skills backed by training and experience give me great ease in the artistic, literary or commercial fields. I have great experience in writing and translating documents as well as teaching children, teenagers and adults.